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Indiana, a hidden jewel in America’s heartland, beckons to adventurers and nature enthusiasts with its alluring tapestry of landscapes. While many associate Indiana with its bustling urban life and cultural landmarks, few are privy to its plethora of trails that showcase the state’s natural grandeur. Each trail unfurls a story – of whispering woods, undulating dunes, serene wetlands, and the footprints of countless explorers who’ve trodden these paths before.

Are you contemplating an escapade into Indiana’s wilderness? Yearning for a serene retreat amid nature or a challenging trek that tests your mettle? This guide serves as your compass, illuminating the top hiking trails that Indiana proudly offers. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker planning your next conquest or a budding enthusiast eager to dip your toes into the world of hiking, Indiana’s trails promise experiences that are both profound and exhilarating.

Let’s embark on this journey, treading softly on the paths less traveled, and uncovering the very best hiking trails in Indiana. Prepare to be enchanted, for Indiana’s trails aren’t just routes through the wilderness – they’re gateways to a soul-stirring communion with nature.

20. Brown County State Park – Trail 8 (Nashville)

Jay Wanders - adventure hiking trail walk 1Brown County State Park, often dubbed the “Little Smokies” because of its reminiscent landscape, boasts Trail 8 as one of its standout hiking paths. Spanning 3.5 miles, this intermediate trail captivates its visitors with a series of rolling hills, valleys, and ridge-top views, providing an in-depth look into the park’s varied terrains.

Trail 8 provides a robust hiking experience with its ever-changing elevations and winding routes. The trail’s surface is mostly dirt and rock, making trekking poles a helpful accessory, especially after rain when the path can get slippery.

The park’s dense forestry means that hikers can expect a refreshing canopy cover, ideal for summer hikes. Moreover, the abundance of deciduous trees offers a spectacular autumnal display, making fall one of the best times to explore.

History buffs might appreciate knowing that the park’s history dates back to the 1930s, with many of its infrastructures built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Trail 8 is not just a trek through nature, but also a journey back in time. Before heading out, it’s advised to check the park’s map as there are multiple interconnecting trails, ensuring you remain on Trail 8’s designated path.

19. Indiana Dunes State Park – Trail 8 to Trail 4 (North Western Indiana)

Jay Wanders - adventure hiking trail walk 2For those aiming to tackle the best hiking trails within the captivating Indiana Dunes National Park, the combination of Trail 8 to Trail 4 is a must-explore route. This dynamic trail ensures an engaging experience by weaving through dune ecosystems and offering a glimpse of the shimmering Lake Michigan.

Walking this trail, hikers are greeted by an elevation change that showcases the diverse topography of the region. The journey encompasses sandy stretches juxtaposed against dense hardwood forest pockets, providing varying terrains that test hiking skills. The path is marked, but it’s essential to be mindful of mile markers to stay on course.

An undeniable highlight remains the panoramic views of Lake Michigan. On sunnier days, it’s wise to pack water and appropriate sun protection. This trail showcases why Indiana Dunes National Park remains a premier destination for hikers seeking a blend of beach and forest in one epic hike.

18. Three Lakes Trail (South Central Indiana)

Jay Wanders - hikes in indiana - ohio river state parkThree Lakes Trail, nestled within the expanses of the Hoosier National Forest, beckons hikers to traverse a route that encapsulates the beauty of southern Indiana. This 10-mile trail is known for the captivating trio of lakes it circles, offering both serene waterside views and the quiet allure of hardwood forest settings.

As one of the more interesting trails in the region, Three Lakes presents varied terrains that can challenge even seasoned hikers. Proper hiking shoes are not just a recommendation but a necessity to tackle the trail’s rolling hills and occasional steep climbs. Along the journey, mile markers act as handy guides, ensuring hikers remain on track.

Given its length, it’s ideal for a fulfilling day hike. Packing essentials like water and perhaps even bug spray can enhance the hiking experience. Moreover, this trail captures the heart of what Hoosier State hiking trails offer: an intimate connection with nature combined with the thrill of exploration.

17. Knobstone Trail: Deam Lake to New Chapel (Clark County)

Jay Wanders - hiking trails in indiana - state parkUnfurling through the lush landscapes of Clark County, the Knobstone Trail segment from Deam Lake to New Chapel presents an epic hike that showcases the essence of Indiana’s top trails. Revered among hikers, this trail segment weaves through dense hardwood forest, dotted with bursts of greenery and the occasional challenge of steep climbs.

The trail’s undulating profile, punctuated with rolling hills, requires hikers to don their best hiking shoes. With mile markers guiding the way, it becomes an experience not just of nature, but also of testing one’s hiking skills. The elevation change along the path ensures that every step offers a slightly different vantage point of the surrounding beauty.

While the trail offers a serene retreat, it’s essential to pack water and stay prepared. After all, true adventure lies in readiness. This segment of the Knobstone Trail, though just a slice of the longer trail, encapsulates what makes hiking in the Hoosier State a memorable affair.

16. John Grubb Ridge and Terrill Ridge Loop Trail (Heltonville)

Jay Wanders - clifty falls state park - trailVenturing into Heltonville’s dense woodlands, the John Grubb Ridge and Terrill Ridge Loop Trail beckons enthusiasts with its winding paths and panoramic vistas. This dynamic trail is more than just a walk through the woods; it’s a deep dive into Indiana’s rich natural tapestry.

Encounter the delicate balance of flora and fauna as the trail unfolds the beauty of hardwood forests and the symphony of birds chirping overhead. For those keen on enhancing their hiking skills, the alternating terrains present both challenge and reward. Mile markers serve as constant companions, ensuring that explorers can pace themselves and soak in the surroundings.

Equipped with designated spots to pause, reflect, and rejuvenate, this trail is a testament to the beauty that the Hoosier State holds within its boundaries. A journey here promises both tranquility and invigoration, making it a must-visit for all who cherish the outdoors.

15. Pixley Knob to Deam Lake (Southern Indiana)

Jay Wanders - hoosier national forest hike - state parkDelving deep into Southern Indiana, the journey from Pixley Knob to Deam Lake offers an unforgettable experience for outdoor enthusiasts. This hiking trail showcases the diverse landscape of the region, meandering through dense forests, crossing serene waterways, and offering panoramic views from elevated vantage points.

Along the way, adventurers might be tempted to take a momentary break at one of the several scenic overlooks. A noteworthy segment of this route is its proximity to the expansive Clifty Falls State Park, a haven for sandstone cliffs lovers. As one progresses, the blend of gentle paths and challenging terrains ensures that both novice hikers and seasoned veterans find this trail engaging.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this great trail, especially if you’re in search of amazing trails that capture the essence of Indiana’s natural beauty. Before embarking on this journey, ensure to check the park’s visitor center for any updates or events that might enhance your hiking experience. If visiting during peak seasons, carrying bug spray is a wise choice to make the adventure more comfortable.

14. Camp Creek and Fall Creek Trails Loop (Lawrence)

Jay Wanders - brown county trail 1Located in Lawrence, the Camp Creek and Fall Creek Trails Loop offer a delightful blend of terrains for those yearning for a genuine hiking experience. Camp Creek Trail captivates with its serene streams and dense canopy cover, while Fall Creek surprises with water cascading gracefully over moss-covered stones. Beyond the trail’s beauty, birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts will find a haven of diverse species to observe.

This loop undeniably ranks among Indiana’s notable hiking trails. Just a stone’s throw away, Turkey Run State Park promises an extended adventure for those with insatiable wanderlust. Consider a brief detour to the nature center for trail insights and recommendations. Respect the path, treasure every moment, and immerse yourself in Indiana’s natural splendor.

13. Ogle Lake – Trail 7 (Nashville)

Jay Wanders - clifty falls trail 2This hike offers a gentle loop around the serene Ogle Lake in Brown County State Park, perfect for a family outing. It’s an accessible path for beginners and offers a restful environment for nature lovers. The trail links to other routes for those desiring longer hikes, and park facilities nearby provide convenient access to restrooms and picnic spots.

Seasonal changes render the landscape a canvas of varied hues, making it a delight for enthusiasts seeking solace in Nashville’s natural beauty. Visitors can prepare for their stroll by grabbing a map at the nature center.

12. Yellowwood Lake Trail (Nashville)

Jay Wanders - brown county trail 2Nestled in the embrace of Yellowwood State Forest, the loop around the lake trail caters to those seeking the stillness of Nashville’s natural settings. Well-marked paths guide hikers around the glistening waters, with resting spots dotting the route for moments of serene reflection.

Wildlife enthusiasts will find the area rich with birdwatching prospects, as well as a haven for varied species, setting the stage for vibrant nature photography. The terrain varies along the loop, offering a delightful challenge to visitors, and the convenience of a nearby parking lot provides an easy commencement for this lakeside retreat.

11. Lawrence Creek Trail (Lawrence)

Jay Wanders - state park corydon - canyon inn hikeTraversing the diverse landscapes of Fort Harrison State Park, Lawrence Creek Trail offers an immersive experience for mountain bikers and hikers alike. The route presents a variety of terrain to conquer, from manageable flat stretches to challenging ascents that test both biking handling and hiking mettle.

Flora and fauna in this area add to the trail’s allure, with each season painting a different picture of the park’s vast ecology. Not just for the rugged adventurer, the trail also caters to families and casual visitors with sections that are perfect for a gentle stroll or an easy ride, proving that this path has something for everyone in Lawrence.

The Top-10 Best Hiking Trails in Indiana You Can’t Miss

Reflecting on the vibrant collection of trails we’ve explored across Indiana, from the serene loops within Yellowwood State Park to the sandstone grandeur of Clifty Falls State Park, it’s clear that Indiana’s hiking landscape offers boundless variety. But what awaits are the ten pinnacle treks that every outdoor enthusiast must experience.

Each trail inscribed on this top-ten list holds its unique allure, be it the lush overhangs along the riverbanks of Turkey Run State Park or the exhilarating climb to the scenic peaks at Indiana Dunes National Park. In Brown County, the trails carve a path through dense forests and expansive ridges, offering an unrivaled perspective of the Hoosier State’s geological canvas.

The adventure hiking trails ahead are the ones that have etched themselves into the hearts of local hikers and summoned adventurers from afar with their natural beauty and the rich tapestry of experiences they offer. Whether it’s a tranquil hike through mature woodlands or a challenging ascent that tests your limits, Indiana’s trails are a showcase of the best outdoor adventures to be had. Now, let us stride into the heart of Indiana’s wilderness, where the top ten trails await to uplift, challenge, and inspire.

10. West Beach – Dune Succession Trail (Lake Michigan): A Signature Hiking Experience at Indiana Dunes National Park

Jay Wanders - clifty falls trail 3The West Beach – Dune Succession Trail stands as a signature feature of Indiana Dunes State Park, showcasing the majestic formation of dune ecosystems beside Lake Michigan. This trail is an interpretive journey through stages of ecological development, offering educational insights via posted markers along the path.

Ideal for both science enthusiasts and nature lovers, the loop takes you across a boardwalk, up the dunes, and through varied landscapes with sweeping views of Chicago’s skyline on clear days. Its status as a favorite among the best hiking trails in Indiana is well-earned, as it provides a workout with its sandy inclines, yet remains accessible enough for those new to hiking.

The proximity to the beach also allows for a refreshing dip after a fulfilling hike, rounding out the experience at West Beach as one of the park’s gems. Not to be missed on your visit to Indiana Dunes State Park.

9. Cardinal Greenways (East Central Indiana): One of the Best Places to Hike in Indiana

Jay Wanders - trail crosses - trail begins -brown county hikeCardinal Greenways stretches through East Central Indiana as the state’s longest span of recreational trails, forming an integral part of the American Discovery Trail. It serves as a haven for hiking aficionados, cyclists, and even horseback riders in certain sections.

The trail boasts a rich tapestry of rural and urban landscapes, connecting several Indiana communities. With its well-maintained paths and amenities like rest stops and informational signage, Cardinal Greenways provides an optimal outdoor experience for long-distance trekkers or those seeking a stroll.

This expansive network is praised for its role in preserving green space and providing health and transportation benefits to Indiana residents. The greenway, undeniably one of the amazing trails in the region, invites adventurers to discover Indiana’s beauty, woven through cityscapes, farmlands, and along the peaceful river corridors.

8. Adventure Hiking Trail, O’Bannon Woods State Park (Corydon): Dive Deep into the Adventure Hiking Trail

Jay Wanders - bug spray located - shades trailThe Adventure Hiking Trail located in O’Bannon Woods State Park offers a rugged escape for those looking to immerse themselves in the heart of Indiana’s wilderness. This extensive trail delivers a relentless challenge over its sprawling 24-mile loop, taking intrepid adventurers through the park’s most remote and undisturbed areas. Distinguished by its rich biodiversity, O’Bannon Woods State Park showcases a verdant tapestry of thick forests and rolling landscapes that are characteristic of the region near Corydon.

Enthusiasts ready for a multi-day journey will find this trail a treasure trove of outdoor thrills. The path is marked, winding through lush scenery, and offering periodic shelters where hikers can rest and camp overnight. Given the trail’s length and varied terrain, those who conquer it are often seasoned veterans who prepare for the trek with suitable gear and a hearty resolve.

The Adventure Hiking Trail is not just a path but a corridor to the past, meandering through areas rich with historical significance dating back to pioneer days. As one ventures through O’Bannon Woods State Park, the echoes of history resonate as much as the call of the wild. This park and trail combination ranks highly on the list of must-visit hikes in Indiana, serving as a proud highlight for Corydon and an enticing invitation for nature lovers to engage with the state’s deep-rooted outdoor heritage.

7. Pumpkinvine Nature Trail (Goshen): A Unique Blend of Biking and Hiking Trails in Indiana

Jay Wanders - shades state park located - chicago skyline hikeThe Pumpkinvine Nature Trail serves as a cornerstone in Goshen’s network of paths, blending the serenity of hiking with the vigor of cycling. This trail emerges as an idyllic route, guiding visitors through a picturesque journey that begins amid bustling small-town charm and unfolds into the tranquility of rural landscapes. Here, the sense of community thrives as bikers and pedestrians alike share the pathways, acknowledging each other’s presence with a nod or a smile.

Stretching just over 17 miles, the trail intersects with several towns, providing ample opportunities for rest and exploration. Its asphalt surface is welcoming for wheels and walking shoes, making it accessible to a variety of outdoor enthusiasts. Along the route, users cross through restored habitats that are home to a diverse range of Indiana’s flora and fauna, adding an educational element to every expedition.

Engaging with Goshen’s history, the trail follows the route once used by the Pumpkinvine Railroad. This historical context enriches the journey, connecting trekkers not only with nature but also with the echoes of trains that once passed the same way. Its proximity to other notable state parks, including the sprawling expanse of Brown County State Park, positions the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail as a must-visit destination for anyone seeking the best hiking trails in Indiana.

6. Beech Trail, Cool Creek Park (Carmel): Discover One of the Best Hikes in Indiana

Jay Wanders - popular trail hemlock cliffs hikeCool Creek Park located in Carmel unveils the Beech Trail, revered as one of the premier day hikes within the state’s generous portfolio of outdoor excursions. This easy trail is a prime pick for families or anyone looking to immerse themselves in nature without committing to strenuous terrain or lengthy distances.

The Beech Trail is a pristinely maintained path that offers an intimate encounter with one of Indiana’s beloved hardwood environments. The gentle murmur of Cool Creek accompanies visitors, and the trail itself is an effortless course that even novice hikers can enjoy with confidence.

Trail enthusiasts can expect a harmonious blend of open skies and shady groves as they embark on this journey. Beginning at the park’s welcoming gateway, the trail meanders alongside the creek, occasionally crossing small bridges that offer picturesque views of the water’s course.

The proximity of the Beech Trail to Brown County allows hikers to consider extending their exploration into more rugged landscapes should they crave further adventure. For those eager to step onto trails that trace through varied scenery, including dense beech groves and open fields, Cool Creek Park serves as a starting point for what could easily become a full day of discovery. This place holds its own against more frequented state parks, boasting some of the best hikes in Indiana just a short drive from the bustle of Indianapolis.

5. Twin Bridges Loop Trail (Danville): Experience Best Hiking Indiana Offers

Jay Wanders - hemlock cliffs trail - o'bannon woods state park trailThe Twin Bridges Loop Trail in Danville provides an engaging hiking trail for those who wish to delve into what Indiana hiking has to offer. As a highlighted route within the area’s park system, it delivers an accessible adventure to both casual walkers and dedicated trail aficionados.

The journey on this loop trail opens up to varied landscapes that showcase the tranquility and natural beauty of Danville. Starting just where the park’s heart beats, the Twin Bridges Loop is marked by its namesake: the charming bridges that offer crossings over serene river streams.

This trail’s composition is a unique weave of open fields, quiet woodlands, and the soft babble of the river, presenting a balanced hiking experience that echoes the diverse character of the region’s outdoor spaces. It serves as an excellent specimen of the hiking trails available in Indiana, as it affords a satisfying trek without demanding too much from those on its path.

The introduction to the loop at the trailhead is straightforward, paving the way for an enjoyable foray that can transition from a brief jaunt to a significant segment of the day’s activities. Its proximity to Brown County State Park means that hikers have the option to mix their day’s itinerary with trails that stretch over more challenging topography and longer distances. As a “great trail” for those in search of day hikes that provide an immediate escape into nature, the Twin Bridges Loop stands out as a must-visit path in the Indiana trail system.

4. Knobstone Hiking Trail (Southern Indiana): An Epic Adventure Hiking Trail Experience

Jay Wanders - state park corydon - jackson washington state forest hikeThe Knobstone Hiking Trail is the pinnacle of Southern Indiana’s rugged outdoor pursuits. At over 40 miles, it’s the state’s longest footpath, offering an immersive escape for hikers seeking the thrills of the “Little Appalachian Trail.” Its challenging terrain with steep ascents and descents is not for the faint-hearted but rewards it with majestic forest and valley views.

Close to Brown County State Park, the Knobstone Trail beckons adventurers to discover Indiana’s topography at its most raw. From leisurely day hikes to strenuous multi-day treks, the trail traverses a variety of landscapes, including serene streams and commanding ridge lines.

As a cornerstone of adventure hiking in Indiana, the trail embodies the rugged wilderness Indiana boasts, perfect for those looking to test their limits and soak in nature’s grandeur. It’s an essential mark on any hiker’s map, guaranteeing a premier Indiana trail experience.

3. Buffalo Trace Trails – Trail 2 (French Lick): A Must-Visit Hiking Destination in Indiana

Jay Wanders - brown county trail 4The Buffalo Trace Trails at French Lick present a rich tapestry of Indiana’s natural and historical landscape. Trail 2 stands out as a picturesque route that skirts along rambling riverbanks and winds through dense hardwood forests, inviting hikers of all skill levels to partake in its serene environment. This trail, with its accessible yet engaging terrain, is a slice of tranquility away from the bustle of downtown Indianapolis.

With a legacy tied to the migratory paths of the American bison, the trail is as educational as it is scenic. It not only offers a window into the state’s wildlife but also serves as a historical corridor, revealing the ways of early settlers and indigenous tribes.

Encapsulating the essence of hiking in Indiana, the Buffalo Trace Trails ensure a memorable journey amidst the verdant expanses of Southern Indiana. Whether you’re seeking a short respite or an extended commune with nature, Trail 2 at Buffalo Trace is a compelling chapter in the anthology of Hoosier hiking adventures, a stone’s throw from the allure of Brown County and the grandeur of state parks.

2. Shades State Park – Trail 2, (Waveland): Experience the Magic of Turkey Run State Park

Jay Wanders - state park corydon trail hikeShades State Park reveals its beauty through Trail 2, a journey that harmonizes the ruggedness of nature with serene trails and stunning ravines similar to those found in Turkey Run State Park. The trail is a sanctuary for hikers looking to immerse themselves in Indiana’s diverse flora and fauna, offering a tableau that rivals the aesthetic pleasures of Brown County.

Renowned for its deep, shady ravines and the glistening Sugar Creek, which crosses through the Shades State Park, Trail 2 allows adventurers to explore the geological wonders and lush landscapes that are quintessentially Hoosier. The path challenges and rewards with its dynamic terrain, making it a premier destination for those who classify the best hikes as ones filled with discovery and natural allure.

Shades State Park, not far from the vibrant life of Indianapolis, provides a convenient escape to the wilderness. It stands as a testament to Indiana’s commitment to preserving its green spaces, ensuring that the hiking trail experience remains pure, invigorating, and accessible to all who seek the solace of the outdoors. Whether embarking on a short trail for a day or venturing into longer trails, hikers in Indiana will find Trail 2 at Shades State Park an indispensable part of their outdoor itinerary.

1. Cowles Bog Trail, Indiana Dunes National Park (Dune Acres): The Crown Jewel of Hiking in Indiana

Jay Wanders - state park trail walk - hikeCowles Bog Trail at Indiana Dunes State Park offers a hiking experience that stands out as the crown jewel of trails in Hoosier State. This trail is a microcosm of the park’s rich biodiversity and complex ecosystems. Traversing through wetlands, black oak savannas, and finally to the majestic dunes for which the park is named, the trail is both a challenging and enlightening path for nature enthusiasts.

As one of the most diversified hikes in Indiana, this hike asserts its prominence by offering varying difficulty levels, which can cater to the casual day hiker or the more seasoned trailblazer seeking adventure hiking trails. The trail’s rich history is marked by its designation as a National Natural Landmark, named for Henry Chandler Cowles, a pioneer in the field of ecology, who conducted field research in this area of the dunes.

The park, only a stone’s throw from the bustling energy of Chicago and far from the rustic charm of Indianapolis, is a national treasure and a key feature of the National Parks system. It encapsulates the geological variety of Indiana, from dune ridges to serene riverbanks, providing a panoramic vista of Lake Michigan’s southern shore.

Cowles Bog itself, despite the name, is not a true bog but a unique wetland that’s crucial for the survival of many plant and animal species. This highlights Indiana’s commitment to preserving such habitats within state and national parks. The trail also begins with a boardwalk that eases into a network of paths, ensuring an accessible starting point for a memorable trek. Whether seeking a short trail outing or a full-day hike, outdoor aficionados consider Cowles Bog Trail a must-visit for its challenging terrain and the awe-inspiring views it affords.

Final Thoughts: The Best Hiking Trails in Indiana Await

Jay Wanders - state park trail walk - hike 2Embrace the spirit of outdoor exploration in Indiana’s vast array of state parks, where each trail promises an adventure. The state, rich with lush forests, clifty falls, rippling waters like the Ohio River, and rugged hills, offers a tapestry of trails that range from the serene to the challenging, catering to both the casual walker and the avid trekker.

Indiana’s state parks are dotted with exemplary adventure hiking trails that weave through the heart of Midwest beauty. Brown County State Park, with its rolling hills resembling a landscape more common to the Appalachian region, offers a network of trails that turn colorful with fall foliage, a painter’s palette come to life. It is one of the prime locations for adventure hiking trail enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in autumn’s splendor.

Similarly, the rugged escarpments and dense woodlands of Turkey Run State Park provide another setting for an adventure hiking trail experience. Its sandstone ravines and ancient stands of trees echo the history of the land, challenging hikers with steep inclines and rocky pathways that reward the effort with sweeping vistas and tranquil river scenes.

For those inclined towards geological wonders and water features, the trails of Clifty Falls State Park present yet another adventure hiking trail destination, with its dramatic waterfalls and canyons offering a refreshing change from Indiana’s typically flat terrain. The park’s trails afford views of tumbling cascades and invite exploration of the deep limestone canyons carved by millions of years of water flow.

Jay Wanders - state park trail walk - hike 4Hikers looking for varied terrain won’t be disappointed by the hikes along the rivers that thread through the state. The gushing waters not only sculpt Indiana’s landscape, providing a dynamic backdrop for trails but also serve as serene companions on one’s journey through nature.

Moreover, Indiana Dunes State Park and Fort Harrison State Park add to the mix of available hiking environments. At Indiana Dunes, ascend the sandy peaks to overlook the vastness of Lake Michigan, while Fort Harrison’s welcoming trails offer a peaceful retreat within the proximity of urban life.

Finally, while accessing these natural gems, parking lots conveniently located at the trailheads make the start of the journey as effortless as possible, ensuring that the focus remains on the trail’s experience rather than the logistics of arrival.

In sum, Indiana caters to a diverse spectrum of outdoor preferences, from serene walks through gentle meadows and along riversides to rigorous treks across demanding terrain. With each park offering its unique signature on the state’s landscape, from the rich biodiversity of Brown County to the prehistoric feel of Turkey Run’s canyons, there’s an adventure waiting in Indiana for every type of hiker. Whether seeking to conquer every hiking trail or find that perfect day trip within the state’s more than 20 state parks, the best hiking trails in Indiana indeed await.

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